Saturday, March 23, 2013

4 Legged Family Members

This cute little guy:

is about to hop on a truck and make his way up to his new home... with us!  We are so excited, of course!  He'll be arriving in Cairns on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

We hadn't fully decided on a name... I'd had a list of suggestions, and Big Spring was drawn to one, "Mack", but he wanted it without the 'k'.  I still wasn't sure, so didn't want to make any final decisions.  However, the decision was made by default when I was walking home from day care the other day, and Little Spring and I passed a lady walking her dog.  Little Spring looked up at me and said "Mac is going to be my puppy", or something to that effect.  So, I discovered from my 3 year old, that our puppy would be called Mac!  I questioned her further, asking if there were any other good names for the puppy and she, after some thought, said "Doggy".  Mac is then!  She's so literal when she names her toys, so I wasn't surprised by her suggested name!  A blue koala we bought at the zoo was "Blue" for awhile, but has since become "Koala".  Her baby is "Baby", her dolls are "Dolly" and a plush toy that she got from her name sake (my Aunty in the States) that we can't work out if it's a bear or a cat is called "Bearcat".  As I said, very literal!  The only toys she has with 'proper' names are those that came with names... Humpty and Jemima from playschool & Gabbie and Frankie who came with name tags.  Hopefully by the time she has kids of her own (a LONG way down the track!!!), she'll have master the art of naming so her first child isn't called "excruciating pain and then came out screaming" (Epatcos for short!!).  Hmm... maybe she has Indian genes in her (will have to do more research on my mum's side of the family!).  But I majorly digress, as I tend to do!

I was meant to be talking about this gorgeous little guy!

For those of you who know Big Spring well, he will insist on telling you that Mac is NOT named after the Apple product he so dearly loves, but in fact, after Mac Powell, lead singer of Third Day (his absolute favourite (Christian) band of all time!

Having taken so long to write this post, Mac should now be on a truck, or waiting to hop on it very shortly.  The count down is on!


  1. Oh very cute! Hope Mac settles in well xx

    1. Thank you! He is doing very well and feeling extremely loved by us all, and all who meet him! Photos and an update to come... eventually! ;)