Monday, July 23, 2012

Shopping Spree

What a pity that I had to go out and buy news clothes for my new job coming up!  A friend and I had a wonderful day today shopping for many outfits for this special occasion.  I managed to find a few bargains and get some discounts here and there, so the damage wasn't quite so bad!  The photos aren't that great (my camera takes beautiful pictures during the day but I've always had issues with night time/flash shots), but this gives you an idea of my plunder for the day!

 1. Gorgeous black dress with white polka dots and a bright red belt (we ran out of time to find some beautiful matching red heels to complete the outfit).
2. Stunning black pinstripe dress with a flattering flaps on the hip (I think my favourite purchase of the day).
3. Some new, simple black heels to complete each outfit.

 1. Gun metal grey slacks with slight stretch for a beautifully comfortable fit!
2. Black pinstripe below the knee skirt with belt.
3. Basic black below the knee skirt.

1. Stripped ruffle front shirt.
2. Basic red stretch shirt.
3. Cute little cardigan to throw over an outfit when slightly cooler in the office (jackets are a little redundant up here, so a cardigan is a practical, essential alternative!).
4. Another stripped, pleated shirt.

Can't wait to wear them for 'real' in the coming weeks!  My first day will be here before I know it... and so much to do before then!

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