Saturday, August 13, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Beauty

Through another friend, I discovered The Gypsy Mama's blog site. This blog has certainly fit in with other thoughts that I've been having lately.

Yes, it's Saturday in Australia, but Friday in the States, so I'll still call this blog Five Minute Friday... especially as I'll always be a day behind! As I've only just discovered this blog, I haven't gone through the week "Beauty Hunting", so I'll just reflect on the beauty that I've seen this week...

Sunday: My husband, the Pastor. I love hearing his sermons each week. Call me biased if you wish, but he captivates me with God's words each Sunday, even when I'm distracted by my beautiful daughter.

Monday: The beauty of reminiscing over our week with Big Spring's cousin and his family.

Tuesday: The beauty of medicine and much needed antibiotics kicking in to help with my tonsillitis.

Wednesday: The beauty of a mini date night with my husband - a DVD, 350g block of chocolate and 2L bottle of soft drink for only $15 from the local supermarket - even more beautiful - a cheap date night!

Thursday: The beauty of God's creation and a gorgeous sunset out our front window
Friday: The beauty of having lunch with Big Spring's parents and Little Spring having precious time with her grandparents

Saturday: The beauty of a day doing nothing!

So, this wasn't a 5 minute post that's required of "Five Minute Friday", but hopefully in the future I'll play along much better!


  1. You definitely have a lot of beauty to share!

    Yesterday was the first time I posted like I should with 5 Minute Friday. I set the timer and off I typed. It was fun. You'll enjoy the challenge.

    Bless you!

  2. SO much beauty in the everyday living of our lives if we would but open the eyes of our heart to see and appreciate it.